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Recipe of the Week

Each week HealthyNow publishes a "Recipe of the Week" to help support your health, wellness and fitness goals. Click the pictures below to get a printable copy of each recipe: 

Extra-Chocolatey Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Us here at HealthyNow know that many are aspiring to eat healthier these days, and we are not different. But for those that enjoy the occasional decedent treat, this chocolatey treat is actually pretty healthy, thanks to the miracle food avocado. It’s also vegan! 

Chicken Quinoa Soup

Nothing beats a huge pot of homemade chicken soup! While it’s incredibly good for you, the noodles that fill the pot aren’t, so we’ve swapped them out for quinoa, which is loaded with protein, fiber, minerals and good nutrition, and it’s easy to make and gluten free!

Garlicky Chicken Dinner

This delicious and nutritious Chicken meal is full of garlicy tastiness, is easy to make, and cleanup is a breeze since it requires only a bowl, a cooking pan and a serving platter!

Make Ahead Breakfast Casseroles

A delicious and flavourful breakfast for very busy mornings that are full of distractions! This be our ‘go to’ so that we have a great meal on Christmas morning. Us here at HealthyNow wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Egg Bites

We’ve been to a few morning events recently, and brought along these Egg Bites, and the reception they got was great! They are easy to make, can easily customized to your tastes, delicious, healthy and a great way to meal prep Breakfasts for your busy mornings.

Christmas Salad

By popular request we are re-posting the Christmas Salad that was such a hit with so many last year! This healthy salad will be a fantastic addition to your special dinners, and since you can make this salad in advance, it’s easy to serve on a busy Christmas day. Just keep the dressing and the salad separate until you're ready to serve.

Crockpot Cheeseburger Soup

This hearty cheeseburger soup hits all the right spots - super satisfying and flavorful yet nutritious and packed with protein. Extremely simple to make, and convenient! Stays good refrigerated for up to 5 days or can be frozen in single servings for 3 months.

Chicken & Eggplant Masala

This very fragrant, Indian-inspired dish often takes a great deal of time to prepare, but this much quicker version is packed with flavor and nutrition! To minimize the carbs of this meal, serve with cauliflower rice instead of standard rice.

Double Dark Chocolate Brownies

.While these don’t quality as “weight loss food”, being flourless, gluten free with no granulated refined sugars, they are a delicious and much healthier treat, using wholesome ingredients. And the zucchini adds wonderful moisture without lots of added calories.

Veggie Cacciatore

Plant-based meals are becoming even more popular these days, and us here at HealthyNow have some great Vegetarian meals every week that makes eating more plant based meals delicious, nutritious and not bland or boring! This one you might see on a future menu.

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