Gourmet Meals That Will Help You Achieve and Maintain Your Fitness and Wellness goals


Delicious, nutritious and fresh meals designed to support your nutrition and wellness goals, prepared by Christine - a certified Chef, Nutritionist and formerly a Personal Trainer, and conveniently delivered to your home or office and need only to be reheated. 

  • Life is very busy, and squeezing in meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking takes precious time away from you, your family and other priorities. We give you that precious time back!

  • Our gourmet meals are planned and prepared by Chef Christine, and freshly made from quality, ingredients

  • Surprisingly affordable, since grocery and take-out expenses are eliminated or dramatically reduced. And you gain several valuable hours back every day!

  • Breakfast, Keto, Balanced and Vegan meal options available - see our Prepared Meals Menu below

  • We can also tailor a meal plan to meet your specific goals, preferences and restrictions

  • Free delivery on your first order within the York Region area!

  • Family friendly portioning allows you to add portions to dinner selections to suit your family's size.


Our Performance Prepared Meals process:

  • We publish our menu for the coming week on Monday. You can view the current menu by clicking the button below. 

  • We accept orders for meal packs from that menu up to noon on Thursday

  • We spend Thursday through Sunday planning, preparing, packaging the ordered meal packs

  • On Sunday afternoon we deliver the meals to clients homes or offices in York Region and Durham Region areas, or offer pickup in Newmarket

  • Once delivered, clients refrigerate the meals until they reheat and then enjoy them