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Fresh Pressed Juices

Freshly pressed, with NO additives, preservatives or added sugars. Each juice packs a huge nutritional punch, packing approximately 3 pounds of produce into each 500ml bottle of juice. These juices are delicious, nutritious, and clean!

Juices for Cleansing

Our standard Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanse contains Charcoal Lemonade, Greens Focus, Berry Energy, Peach Dandelion, Watermelon Mint and Cocoa Cashew. Available in 2 day, 3 day and 5 day packs. We can also customize your cleanse by substituting in one of our other flavours, such as Strawberry Guava Chilly. 

Juices for Wellness

We have juice flavours that can help you be healthier, like our Greens Focus, Organic Celery, Spicy Lemonade, Carrot Apple, and others. Wellness packs can be any one or more of our flavours, and are available in 12 packs, 18 packs and 30 packs of 500ml bottles, or our 2 litre bottles.

Juices for Performance

Juices are a great way to prepare your body for exercise, for example our Beet Juice which marathoners will use to maximize their cardio, and a great for post workout. 

Juice Pricing

2 Day Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanse - $130.00 plus HST               2 Litre Organic Celery Juice - $40.00 plus HST
3 Day Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanse - $195.00 plus HST               2 Litre Fresh Pressed Juice - $33.80 plus HST 
5 Day Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanse - $325.00 plus HST

Juices Flavours

Each juice all natural, with no added artificial flavours, additives, supplements or sweeteners. For more information about each juice, click the juice picture below.