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HealthyNow is proud to help YPR and Southlake Hospital staff achieve their health and wellness goals!

Recipe of the Week

Each week, HealthyNow shares with members our Recipe of the Week - a recipe that will help you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Click the picture of each meal to get a link to download and print that Recipe of the Week. 

Healthy Classics Prepared Meals at over 10% off

Our Healthy Classics prepared meals are delicious, healthier versions of popular dishes. No membership required, just order the meals you wish on the days they are available. Available in single portions or family portions. Each standard portion is $13, each large portion is $16, each Kids portion is $9, plus HST. Free delivery to YPR Headquarters, YRP District 1, Soutlake Hospital or pickup in Newmarket area. Check out the menu below for the coming week. Each week, our menu changes.

Performance Prepared Meals at 10% off

Our freshly made prepared meals are designed to support your fitness and wellness goals, with Keto, Paleo and Balanced menu selections each week. Each is is prepared in our regularly inspected commercial kitchen in Newmarket. Our partner's members and clients get 10% off our Prepared Meals packs, which are available in 5 day, 7 day, and 30 day packs,.

Fresh Pressed Juices

Our fresh pressed juices have been used by countless customers to shed a few pounds, to kick start a new healthier routine, to reduce sugar cravings, for pre-classs energy and to refuel post-class! The Move members get 15% off our juices!

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