Delicious, Nutritious Camp Meals

Young minds and bodies require fuel to be their best at camp! And while eating healthy meals is important, the chore or preparing delicious, nutrtious meals for camp isn't a favourite activity of most. HealthyNow is here to help!


Christine of HealthyNow, being a Certified Nutritionist and Chef with several years experience in preparing Camp meals knows how to fuel young minds and bodies. We've been catering camps in the York Region area for 5 years and each of our camp clients return each year because they were thrilled with the quality, service and pricing.

HealthyNow can work with your Camp to design a Camp Meals program that suits your needs, taste preferences, and budget. Servings can be buffet style, family style of individualized, sit down or "to go". We make the ordering process extremely simple, and can make our ordering process part of your camp intake process, or we can manage orders directly with your camp participants so that you can focus on the camp.

To discuss your camp's needs, contact Christine at or 647-210-0047.